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LED it B - emotion - brochure

LED it B – brochure, PDF download:
Take a look at our online brochure, now > open it here .
Examples of back-lit images for your interior design in different living areas and types of room, such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room or spa.


LED it B - emotion

LED it B – emotion brings you back-lit images to enhance your interior design.
Here, the LED light and your desired image unite to create an innovative overall project.
Manufactured individually in Germany, to the customer’s specifications. Perfectly homogeneous backlighting with energy-saving LED lighting technology (one colour or multi-coloured). With easy-to-clean, safe surfaces thanks to the monolithic safety glass.

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LED it B - picture frame

A must-have for true car lovers – back-lit images of your choosing.

Imagine being able to admire your treasure from your sofa in the evening?
Your fantasy car – or your own car – as a framed back-lit picture.
In a spot where it’s always in view.

For a quick preview, take a look at the video by pressing Play [ ►] .

Write to us now at and we’ll light up your eyes – and your car!


LED it B - boxed

LED it B - boxed is a high-quality light box system made of aluminium. It is available in various profile depths, optionally with LED lighting technology and a textile in the foreground, including printing (textile tension frame).

LED it B - boxed can be used with a single face for wall mounting, or as a multi-sided stand-alone module, for installation both indoors and outdoors.

LED textile


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